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Our availability

Mon-Fri between 9am and 4.30pm (4pm Fri) - call Squirrelhouse Tel. 0113-8800-399. Any planned absence is shown below.

When we're unavailable contact the server team for email or website availability issues. Let them know you're a Squirrelhouse customer on system 'Sulfur' and they'll assist you. Tel. 0333 335 3030

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Check you can access our servers

A smiley face above means your access is fine. If you can't see a smiley face then you aren't able to access our web and email servers. There might be a problem with the servers but a typical reason for this is if you have tried the wrong email settings too many times and our servers then block you assuming you are a hacker.

To fix this: first refresh this page - press [F5]. If that didn't work, you need a a new clean ip address...

  1. make a note of your current internet connection's ip address which is:
  2. double-check your email settings
  3. switch your router off for a min and then switch back on
  4. refesh this webpage to check if you now have a new ip address.

If you are still stuck, contact the Server Team by phone (not email) and ask that they unblock your ip address.
Tel. 0333 335 3030

Recommended Email Settings to access our servers

Valid from 13th July 2017

Eco sustainability

Eco sustainability is important to us, just as you would expect from a company called Squirrelhouse!

Our hosting partner's facility is powered solely from renewable energy and both they and us have invested in replanting ancient woodland in Scotland to help the planet in the small way that we can.

Remote Support Instructions (TeamViewer)

only to be used when arranged with us beforehand...

  1. Download TeamViewer Quick Support program:-

    Windows Version:

    Mac Version:

  2. The download should be fine but please virus check it before running the program
  3. Run the program you have just downloaded. It will ask for permissions to run which you need to allow.
  4. When TeamViewer starts it will display your temporary User Id and Password.
  5. Ring us on the phone number we give you and let us have your User Id and Password.
  6. We then enter your details into TeamViewer on our PC and we should be able to view and control your screen.
  7. After using TeamViewer, you may see a Sponsored session window where you just need to click [OK]

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Squirrelhouse Consulting and Squirrelhouse Media are based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, England, UK. ♦ MD: David Brewerton - Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional & professional member of British Computer Society