Business process consultancy and online solutions to internet marketing, SEO and e-commerce

We're cost effective and like to be kind to the environment too. Green leaf reflecting that we are ecologically friendly

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Every business has its own story

Ours is grounded in experience and the delivery of solid solutions. Let's meet, even virtually, and understand how we can meet your needs.

Being a small business we can be fast on our feet, affordable and flexible.

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What we do


We are used to helping non-tech customers with their tech headaches

Right solution and ontime

We listen! Vital to understanding your needs and to agree on the way forward and timescales

Domains and Web/Email Hosting

Get your domains and professional hosting packages with truly effective spam filters and daily backups.


Need E-Commerce and payment services? We can help you towards a solution for you.

Search Engine Optimization

We bake SEO into the design to get your online presence off to a good start.

Eco sustainability

Our servers have only run on renewable energy since 2009. We also use renewable energy in our work too.

Online security matters

Our CISO / Online-Security partners can help ensure your online security processes are secure.

Copy writing and press releases

Our copy writing partners can help you hone your message and get it in the press

Illustration and Graphics

Our illustration and design partners can help you with logos, fliers, presentation aids etc

Date: Mon 28th September 2020

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